Fratino Service


We have been providing custom services since 1954 . Today we offer a comprehesive of border related services as:


  • Consulting;
  • Permits;
  • Declarations;
  • Custom wharehousing;
  • AEO qualification;
  • DOMICILED custom procedure (Local export / import permit);
  • Intrastat reporting;
  • Offshore oil gas equipment custom permits and declarations.
Ship Agency Services
Origin – goods classification – import / export restrictions Dual Use – Temporary import / export - International trading terms - Traditional paper based declaration converted to electronic declaration - Customs is a complex and specialized area currently undergoing significant change .

We are able to assist You in custom matter with best practice and standard.
Since January 2008 it has been possible to apply for an AEO certificate.

We have a consolidated experience to have Companies start up and finalize an AEO Qualification by:
  • Starting up your internal AEO process;
  • Preparing Your Company to AEO audits;
  • Assist in the application process including with and after AEO audit.
AEO benefits

The Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) certificate
  • Is an internationally recognized Quality mark indicating that your role in the international chain is secure;
  • Your Customs controls and procedure are efficient and compliant;
  • It is a commercial decision as it gives quicker access to simplified custom procedures and In some cases the right to “ fast track “ your shipments through certain custom safety and Security procedures.
Custom warehousing is one of the customs procedures with economic impact that could improve cash flow by delaying in accordance with EU custom rule payment of duty and VAT on imported goods.
By using local procedure all export and import procedure are made from within your own Place of business with custom declarations electronically transmitted by You or by Your Custom agent.
Customs will perform random inspections.

AEO status will help You to obtain this permit and shall reduce the random inspections.
  • You need not present the goods to a Customhouse;
  • Reduction on number of physical custom control on goods;
  • Idle time reduction;
  • Shipping time and cost reductions
We have a consolidated experience in have Companies start up and finalize a Local export / import permit.
Intrastat is the system for collecting information and producing statics regarding the trade in goods Between European Union countries.

We can help you with the process as well as completing them for your Company.

Fratino Service

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